Construction of wooden frame houses, starting from design till its turn-key:

You can choose from ready-made designs or we can help you design and implement your own architectural dream. We work directly, on principal to principal basis, we own our own forest, so the cost of construction log is minimal. Our construction company is engaged in designing, manufacturing, installation, equipment and renovation of houses' log cabins, saunas, garden houses in Vladimir region: Kirzhach, Murom, Gus-Khrustalniy, Alexandrov, Sudogda, Sobinka, as well as in the rest of nearest settlements.

The indisputable advantages of log homes are:

log house in Vladimir

  • Ecological material
  • Durability and strength
  • The unique property to preserve the microclimate

Complex design and construction works:

  • Drawing Sketch Home
  • Establishment and calculation of the project
  • Visualization sketch the house and interior
  • Calculation and construction of foundations for log-house
  • Hand-cutting of logs
  • Installation of the structure on the site
  • Impregnation with antiseptics
  • Caulking iron
  • Roofing
  • Trim clapboard exterior gables
  • Communications
  • Electrical installations in cottages
  • Installation of furnaces for baths, fireplaces, boilers, of any degree of complexity
  • Interior fit

Our production includes a full cycle of actions starting from logging in the environmental forests of Meshchora region and its treatment , to the erection of buildings on the territory of the customer, coordination and communications till the finishing works of any complexity.